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Did you ever know that garage doors can cause accidents due to lack of knowledge in regards to their operation, inadequate installation or even structural defects? An average garage door weighs anywhere between 300 to 600 pounds. If a garage door happens to collapse on a person, it can lead to serious concussions. According to reports, major accidents are caused when the person’s fingers, limbs or joints are trapped in between garage doors. Some of the major injuries caused by garage doors include:

  • Concussions
  • Pinched fingers
  • Severed limbs
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Death (in worst scenarios)

For the safety and security of your loved ones, make sure that you execute timely garage door repair and maintenance services. As an amateur, you may not succeed to identify the flaws present in the garage door. If you happen to reside in Colton, CA, you have the opportunity to reach out to the skilled professionals of Garage Door Repair Colton, CA. Our licensed professionals have always been recognized for providing comprehensive garage door repair services. Plus, our experts also come up with effective maintenance tips to avert major garage door mishaps. Our extensive range of garage door repair services include:

Garage Door Repair: While a garage door may secure a home and protect ones vehicles from destruction, problems arise when the garage door malfunctions. Since our inception in the industry, our specialists have always been appreciated for rectifying critical garage door issues. Our specialists offer financially savvy garage door repair services that you can depend on for guaranteeing that your garage door keeps going long and works easily. You can call us at any given time.

Garage Door Installation: Is your garage door falling apart? Has your garage door completed its estimated lifespan? It is definitely time to go for new garage door installation. Our garage door experts are licensed for installation of garage doors from the top brands. The specialists in Colton, CA, have a thorough understanding of the State laws and this helps them to execute the services with perfection.

Garage Door Replacement: The process of garage door replacement demands you to uninstall the older the garage door and replace it with a new one. Are you mindful of the elements that should be considered for settling on a choice on replacing your garage door? Our experts in Colton, CA, are rightly equipped and have the right knowledge to execute garage door replacement services.

Garage Door Opener Repair/Install: Garage door openers are designed to add tons of convenience to an average homeowner’s property. While this useful piece of technology often goes unnoticed, the right brand of garage door opener can provide immense convenience to the garage door users. At Colton, CA, we store and sell garage door openers from top-notch brands. We are proficient at executing garage door opener repair and installation services with perfection.

Repair All Brands of Existing Openers:Modern day garage door openers are available in multiple brands. Our experts are equipped at fixing garage door opener from any brand. Our experts are accessible day in and day out in Colton, CA and homeowners can always rely on us for repair and replacement of garage door openers.

Garage Door Spring Replacement:According to industry experts, the garage door springs need to be inspected every 12 months as an integral part of the maintenance program. If you need to guarantee the optimal functioning of the garage door springs, call us when you see any inconvenience in its operation. Our experts in Colton, CA are equipped with technologically advanced tools for adequate garage door spring replacement services.

Repair Off-Track Garage Doors:Malfunctioning garage door tracks can end up giving you a hard time when they are not lubricated on time. Plus, if your garage door tracks are not adjusted accurately, it is crucial to reach out to garage door professionals. Our experts in Colton, CAwill offer a financially savvy and dependable answer for the issue.

Garage Door Panel Replacement: Garage door panels make up the body of your garage doors. Technicians of Garage Door Repair Colton, CA have a comprehensive understanding of all the garage door segments. You can call us on our toll free no. in Colton, CAfor adequate repair and replacement of garage door panels.

Garage Door Roller Replacement: Noisy garage doors are usually caused by worn out rollers, loose hardware or components that need lubrication. If you’ve been encountering the issue of worn out rollers, you can get in touch with our specialists. Our specialists not only settle the issue but also ensure that the rollers do not lead to inconvenience anymore.

Garage Door Cable Replacement:Garage door cables play an important role in the garage door system. Without cables when the garage door springs break, it can pose a serious safety hazard. Precisely garage cables are equally important as the garage door springs. Our experts in Colton, CA, are adept at executing garage door cable replacement services with perfection.

Wireless Keypads:Garage door opener keypads are keyless entry systems that allow easy access to the garage. A dual frequency radio operates the keypad after you key in a personally selected four-digit pin. These wireless keypads help you to operate the garage door without straining your back. Our experts have the right tools to repair old keypads and we are also a complete storehouse of garage door products from multiple brands.

Garage Door Opener Remotes:Garage door opener remotes help you to operate the garage door from the comfort of your car. If there are slight glitches in the garage door opener remotes, you can easily reach out to our garage door service professionals. They will examine your remote and let you know whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

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